I  R  O  N  H  O  R  S  E      A  R  T  S

Introducing the Ironhorse Lending Library


The Library rules are very simple:
Take a book.
Leave another.
Respect the space.
Share your thoughts in the Comments section below. 


Meet our volunteer Librarian, Sharon Kukich. Sharon will keep an eye on the box to keep it updated. You can contact Sharon with any special requests or to report any problems.

We sincerely hope you use this page to discuss books, ask questions, form a book club, meet neighbors and make new friends.

  • Ironhorse POA
    Posted at 12:37h, 23 December

    Someone totally broke the latch on the box and even took the sign that advised people to close the box gently. Now there is a gap that leaves the door open. The problem is that without a tight seal the weather and humidity (not to mention creatures) will get in and wreck the books. I will repair it but please, people, try harder to be considerate.

  • Sharon Kukich
    Posted at 07:52h, 03 December

    Our lending library has a wonderful collection of books contributed by your neighbors. Stop by regularly to see what’s new. Leave a book, take a book, enjoy!

  • Ironhorse POA
    Posted at 20:00h, 21 November

    Luckily the weather held out – thanks everyone for coming to our opening!

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