I  R  O  N  H  O  R  S  E      A  R  T  S

The Ironhorse Mini Gallery


Corner of Ironhorse Boulevard & Preserve Drive


Starting April 25th



in Honor of The Neighbors We Have Lost

during the pandemic years when gathering to honor them was difficult

We Remember Them

Ed Gilmore


Richard Lombardi


Buddy Shapiro


Jack Cossentino


Fran Samkoff


Robert Raimondo


Jack Reisman


Tom O’Conner


Erich Boehm


Robert Keller


Ruth “Sandy” Cavanagh


Bruce Weiss


Matt Hickey


Andy Miller

“Neighbors in Spirit,” photo montage on acetate by Barbara Bose

In this show

© 2022 Barbara Bose

© 2022 Barbara Bose

“Jack” acrylic on mini canvas / Barbara Bose

Barbara Bose

“The timing of this exhibit, “In Spirit,” is in conjunction with the dedication of “Jack’s Bench,” which is devoted to the memory of beloved long time resident, Jack Cossentino. The celebration and the bench itself, which faces the Cossentino home, have been lovingly sponsored by Donna Cossentino. The gallery art pieces on loan have been selected by Ironhorse artists to honor the memory of all of our Ironhorse neighbors who have passed into spirit during these two pandemic years when it was hard to gather and share our feelings of loss.

“Hope” watercolor print / Chari Kelley

Chari Kelley

“I selected this painting for this show to convey the peace and beauty of nature and its inspiration for renewal.”

© 2022 Barbara Bose

© 2022 Barbara Bose

“Niobe’s Shadow” metal print of an oil painting on canvas / Barbara Bose


Barbara Bose

“This recent painting is of a procession of departing souls ‘leaving’ for new horizons on their individual magic carpets. One person looks ahead while another gazes at a star, which is one of the sources of light. The long shadow on the grass suggests another light source, either a rising or setting sun (your choice). The green leaf on the ground suggests this is a story about the passage of time. The cliff with the sad face in the background is a depiction of a real place (Niobe Rock in Turkey), named after a mythological Greek character who weeps for the loss of her loved ones.

“Bouquet” mini print of an oil painting on canvas / Karen Asofsky

Karen Asofsky

“When I paint, I paint to replenish my spirit so that I might give to others to make this world a more beautiful place for all of us. The act of creating beauty fills my heart so that I can pay it forward.”

© 2022 Barbara Bose

© 2022 Barbara Bose


“Come, Sit with Me” acrylic print of an oil painting on canvas / Barbara Bose

Barbara Bose

“I painted this around 1973. It was a large piece based on my grandfather which was displayed in an art show at a bank in Stamford, Connecticut. I’m not sure what happened to the painting after that, but I recently found a photo of it and had it printed on a 1 inch think piece of acrylic. I thought it was very fitting to use for this particular show.”

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