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There’s a Place for Us

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For those Ironhorse residents who do not belong to the club, there is really no neutral place where we can get together on a formal or informal basis outside of our own homes, and not everyone’s home is set up for a gathering of more than a few couples. None of the “Common Areas” are of practical use for such a purpose. Although very few people even know it exists, there is a beautifully maintained but completely unused, ample piece of land tucked away behind the Gallery Box at the corner of Ironhorse Boulevard and Preserve Drive. Perhaps this area, which belongs to all of the Ironhorse community, could be used for a sheltered space for everyone to enjoy. Some proposals have been made by Ironhorse residents to devote part of that land into such a useable space.

When the community was first built, the Clubhouse served that purpose, but since The Preserve at Ironhorse is now a private club where membership is not mandatory for the community, non-members are left without any location where they can meet one another for a wide variety of purposes from a casual chat to a formal demonstration, a game of cards, or just to get out of a sudden deluge or the hot sun.

That is why a proposal to consider developing this piece of POA property for community use was presented to the Board on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 by Ironhorse resident Barbara Bose, who pointed out the need for A PLACE FOR THE COMMUNITY TO GATHER. Most communities have at least some kind of pavilion, gazebo, tiki hut, or SOME way to escape the elements at the very least. Be it as informal as a gazebo or as fancy as a community center, Ms. Bose has identified both the need for a structure and a place that it could be located.

At the February Board Meeting, Ms. Bose presented a plan for a tiki type structure as an example of the lower end of the spectrum in terms of cost. A tiki is a pleasing thatched shelter and the size she envisioned would cost about $25,000 —  a total about $60 per household. Click here to view Ms. Bose’s proposal.  (For a high-rez version click here).

A tiki is certainly not the only possible use for that space. Other possibilities include a simple gazebo, a larger pavilion with a concrete slab and a roof, or, at the high end of the spectrum, we could consider a brick and mortar clubhouse with A/C and a restroom. In that spirit, a second proposal from longtime Ironhorse resident and Realtor, Nicole Desjardins is also presented here. Her vision is for a larger, but compact brick and mortar air conditioned clubhouse with a bathroom, kitchen and deck. Her plan would cost roughly $350,000. Use this link to view Ms. Desjardin’s BRICK & MORTER proposal.

Richard Litner has also submitted his comments, arguing in favor of an even larger structure with costs upwards of $750,000. Use this link to view Mr. Litner’s comments.

The point of these proposals is to open up this discussion to learn if using this land for a structre should be explored further. A survey has been developed to gauge your opinions about such a structure and will be sent to all residents shortly. It will give the POA the opportunity to understand how you feel about this idea.

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